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From Antiquity to Modernity: 'Dark Love'

From Antiquity to Modernity: 'Dark Love'


From Antiquity to Modernity: 'Dark Love'

Cortez Mitchell, countertenor (replacing Tom Lilburn)
Brenton Spiteri, tenor (replacing Sandeep Guarrapadi)
Berginald Rash, clarinet
Nathan Amaral, violin
Davide Forti, cello
Annalisa Monticelli, piano

Ravel Piano Trio in A minor


David Coonan Sonnets of Dark Love for countertenor, tenor, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

I El amor duerme en el pecho del poeta (The Beloved Sleeps on the Poet’s Breast)
II Soneto de la guirnalda de rosas (Sonnet of the Garland of Roses)
III Soneto de la dulce queja | en que el poeta manda a su amor una paloma (Sonnet of the Sweet Complaint | in Which the Poet Sends His Beloved a Dove)
IV Llagas de amor (Wounds of Love)
V El poeta dice la verdad (The Poet Tells the Truth)
VI ¡Ay voz secreta del amor oscura! (Oh Secret Voice of Dark Love)
VII Noche del amor insomne (Night of Sleepless Love)
VIII El poeta pide a su amor (The Poet Asks His Love)

From Antiquity to Modernity takes audiences on a journey from the icons of classical music to their modern counterparts. Curated by Berginald Rash, the series takes a playful and joyous approach – juxtaposing the old and the new, the canonical and well-known to and recently reappraised and celebrated.

The culmination of the series journey, you are invited to a day of robust music-making featuring the work of Ravel and Ireland’s very own David Coonan.

The second concert entitled, ‘Dark Love’ centres the ruminating, sultry and sometimes enigmatic depth of love and ecstasy. From Ravel’s enchanting Piano Trio in A minor that plunges us deep into impressionistic yearning and passion to David Coonan’s Sonnets of Dark Love which treat Federico Garcia Lorca’s Sonetos del amor oscuro, capturing the thrill, risk, condemnation, and hauntingly beautiful desire of clandestine gay love, this programme encapsulates sonic yearning.

Presented by NCH
Collaborative visual art by Ishmael Claxton 

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Sunday 16 Jun 2024
The Studio
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