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From Antiquity to Modernity: 'Bläser'

From Antiquity to Modernity: 'Bläser'


From Antiquity to Modernity: 'Bläser'

Daniel Shao, flute (Replacing Matthew Higham)
Lorraine Hart, oboe  
Berginald Rash, clarinet  
Sinéad Frost, bassoon  (replacing Greg Crowley
Hannah Miller, horn  

Amy Beach Pastorale for woodwind quintet, Op. 151  
William Grant Still Miniatures for woodwind quintet  

I Ride an Old Paint (Cowboy Song - U.S.A.) 
II Adolorido (Mexico) 
III Jesus Is A Rock In The Weary Land (Spiritual, U.S.A.) 
IV Yaravi (Peru) 
V Frog Went a-Courting (U.S.A.) 

Jennifer Higdon Autumn Music  
Valerie Coleman Red Clay & Mississippi Delta for woodwind quintet  
Taffanel Quintet for Winds in G minor  

Allegro con moto 

From Antiquities to Modernity takes audiences on a journey from the icons of classical music to their modern counterparts. Curated by Berginald Rash, the series takes a playful and joyous approach – juxtaposing the old and the new, the canonical and well-known to and recently reappraised and celebrated.  

The culmination of the series journey, you are invited to a day of robust music-making featuring the works of some of today’s most celebrated composers - Valerie Coleman, Jennifer Higdon, and Ireland’s very own David Coonan.   

The first concert entitled, ‘Bläser’ or wind player begins at 3pm and is one that showcases the brilliance, colour and power of the woodwind quintet. We will explore and discover the unique sounds of the traditional woodwind quintet in Amy Beach’s somber and ebbing Pastorale; be introduced to the down-home gospel and blues heritage of the southern part of the USA in Valerie Coleman’s funky romp Red Clay & Mississippi Delta deliciously accentuated by William Grant Still's folksy Miniatures; indulge in the depth of sound and contour in Jennifer Higdon’s Autumn Music and revel in Paul Taffanel’s expressively and provocative Quintet.  

Presented by NCH
Collaborative visual art by Ishmael Claxton


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Sunday 16 Jun 2024
The Studio
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