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NSO: Clyne, Grieg, Elgar

NSO: Clyne, Grieg, Elgar

NSO Season

NSO: Clyne, Grieg, Elgar

National Symphony Orchestra
Dinis Sousa conductor
Louis Schwizgebel piano 
Anna Clyne Masquerade 
Grieg Piano Concerto 
Elgar Enigma Variations 

Two rising stars with two much-loved works, and an ‘intense but enlightening five-minute gem’ (Limelight) from Anna Clyne’s epic-in-miniature Masquerade

With its thunderous timpani roll opening, the melting melody of its spell-binding slow movement and effusive finale, Grieg’s Piano Concerto is simply irresistible.

The noble anthem ‘Nimrod’ at its heart, Elgar’s Enigma Variations unforgettably blends fondness, love and raw emotion in a glorious celebration of friendship.

Did you know?

Anna Clyne was the eighth most performed contemporary composer in the world and the most performed living female British composer in 2022.

Masquerade is inspired by promenade concerts in mid-18th-century London’s pleasure gardens, its second theme drawing on the old English country dance melody and drinking song, Juice of Barley.

The opening of Grieg’s Piano Concerto was featured in a classic Morecambe and Wise television sketch with André Previn and the London Symphony Orchestra. See for yourself:

Elgar claimed there was a ‘secret melody’ at the heart of the Enigma Variations although he never revealed what it was. The mystery remains to this day.

Listen out for…

The three-note motif of Grieg’s opening piano statement – repeated seven times – regarded as the composer’s melodic signature.

In the sublime Adagio how the piano poetically mimics the strings' opening muted melody before building to a sunburst of emotion, thought to reflect his emotions following the birth of his daughter. 

The solemn and evocative ‘Nimrod’ in the Enigma Variations – a portrait of Elgar’s publisher, Augustus Jaeger – with its elastic dynamics and undulating melody building through ceremonial timpani rolls towards its emotional climax.

Elgar’s conjuring of a thunderstorm (Variation 7) and his depiction of a bulldog falling into and scrabbling out of a river (Variation 11).

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Friday 4 Oct 2024
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