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Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Bonnie “Prince” Billy


Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Support: Nuala Kennedy

Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You (due August 11th via Domino) presents simply – an album made as it was meant to be heard, in a room. The sound of people together – a sound we’d so recently feared that we’d lost – playing, communing, strings and wood and keys and voices singing. KSWDY presents simply, and is sung along easily and happily with in time BUT --is it family portrait or fairy tale? How does it think the world was made, and will end?

Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You was recorded in Louisville by Nick Roeder, featuring Sara Louise Callaway on violin, Kendall Carter on keys, Elisabeth Fuchsia on viola and violin, Dave Howard on Mandolin, Drew Miller on saxophone and Dane Waters’ voice. The presence of so many local players and music educators in the band lends not only to a flow of moments so fluidly encompassing of a wide range of musics from classical to Japanese acid folk and elsewhere, but perhaps even more importantly, to the sense of community, heredity and the triumph of inheritance that is the marrow and life blood of this music.

Bonnie unveils the first KSWDY teaser with a video for "Bananas," a blue ballad of devotion, doubly crossed with mystery and mischief. Over spartan guitar figures reminiscent of the now-classic Master and Everyone production style, Bonnie's call-n-response with Dane Waters passes the love around until flowers bloom forth from the desert, cracks in the sidewalk, Mars.

 Watch the video for “Bananas” here:


People and the world, so beautiful and terrible. So much to love and to not like. In the living, Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You enables Bonnie to let it all out, to let go again, and suggest to us all that we get while the getting is good. Watch the video for "Bananas" (video by Ethan Osman) and spread the word, lest the secret destroy you!

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Monday 26 Aug 2024
Main Stage
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