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Metronome 60BPM

Metronome 60 BPM


Metronome 60 BPM

Metronome 60 BPM 

​​​​​​​'the sound of a metronome set at 60 beats Per Minute is inherently relaxing' 

NCH and Sofft Productions will be setting the Metronome to 60bpm on June 8th. 

In this unique event, we invite you to experience a specially curated evening of sensory pleasure. The space will be designed and arranged for 360 degrees of performance. Music, poetry and spoken word will emerge from a foundation of ambience and visual repose. If you like bean bags arrive early! 

Performances by David Stalling, Ruth McGinley, Stevie Appelby, Arrivalist, Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi and some very special guests. 

Light instillation by Claire McCluskey, 
Lighting and Set Design, Conor Jacob 
Sound Design, David Stalling and NCH. 
Presented by NCH and Matthew Nolan Music .

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Saturday 8 Jun 2024
The Studio

10% discount for Friends of NCH

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