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Henry Winkler – The Fonz and Beyond

Henry Winkler – The Fonz and Beyond

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Henry Winkler – The Fonz and Beyond

Launched into stardom as “The Fonz” in the beloved sitcom Happy Days, Henry has transcended the role that defined a generation of cool. In the enduring glory of that fame, Henry has endeared himself to new generations of fans with iconic roles in shows such as Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, and Barry. 

Dynamic, vivid, hilarious and emotional, Henry will take you from the achingly vulnerable lows to the stratospheres of global acclaim (chiefly his appearance at the 1976 Logies), from the disheartening truth of an upbringing with undiagnosed dyslexia, to the pressures of a role that takes on a life of its own-and the path forward once your wildest dream seems behind you. 

As if that isn’t enough, add to the mix a story about his dogs and a live audience Q&A

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Wednesday 12 Jun 2024
Main Stage
€35, €45, €55
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