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Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir


Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Arvo Pärt Missa syllabica "Kyrie" (2’40), "Gloria" (2’15)
Arvo Pärt Summa (6’)
Cyrillus Kreek David’s Song nr 104 (2’30)
Arvo Pärt Missa syllabica "Sanctus" (1’25)
Cyrillus Kreek David’s Song nr 121 (2’40)
Arvo Pärt "Drei Hirtenkinder aus Fatima" (1’30)
Arvo Pärt "Dopo la vittoria" (12’)
Arvo Pärt Missa syllabica "Agnus dei" (2’21), "Ite missa est" (0’36
Cyrillus Kreek "Blessed is the Man" (3’)
Veljo Tormis "Towerbell in My Village" (14’04)
Arvo Pärt "Solfeggio" (4’03)
Veljo Tormis "Autumn landscapes" (11’):

I It is Late Summer
II Clouds Racing Across the Sky
III Pale Light
IV Painful Red Leaves
V Wind Along the Heath
VI Cold Autumn Night
VII Sad Purple Heather

Arvo Pärt "Which was the son of... "(7’30)

Ranked in 2020 by BBC Music Magazine as “one of the ten best choirs in the world”, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir (EPCC) make a very welcome return to the National Concert Hall following their 40th anniversary concert in 2022, to perform music by Estonia’s most celebrated contemporary classical composer Arvo Pärt. 

With an impressive 15 Grammy nominations to their name, this prize-winning ensemble is the foremost interpreter of Pärt’s sacred choral music whose name is synonymous with this exceptional ensemble, and whose work they helped popularise the world over. Such is the popularity of his music, in 2023 it was announced that Pärt is the world’s most performed living composer in the world (according to Bachtrack) after John Williams and John Adams!


Pre-concert Talk, 6:45pm, KBRR

Join Majella Hollywood, CEO of Chamber Choir Ireland, as she hosts a pre-concert interview with members of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir teamEsper Linnamägi, Managing Director, and Anneli Ivaste, Communication Manager. 

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