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Quavers to Quadratics

Quavers to Quadratics - Music & Science Workshops

Why are musical instruments made from different materials? Why are they all different shapes and sizes? What does a sound wave look like? Can sound really break glass?

Quavers to Quadratics is an innovative programme explores the intersection of the worlds of music and science through a series of hands-on workshops. This programme is available both online and in-person.
Quavers to Quadratics sees children (in 3rd - 6th classes) play with ideas that are common to music and science. Primary schools can now access a series of engaging online (Seesaw) workshops along with in school workshops, workshops in the NCH and in the Gaeltacht which are led, and designed, by university science and music education students.    

Presented by the National Concert Hall, University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin Schools of Education, and generously supported by Science Foundation Ireland and ESB. 

With support from Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover Programme and ESB, Quavers to Quadratics offers children and their teachers across Ireland the opportunity to get involved through these workshop.

Currently available to primary schools online via Seesaw, the workshops will now once again be available in-person, bringing to life the interdisciplinary programme that sees young children (in 3rd- 6th classes) play with ideas common to physics and music over a series of interactive workshops. They will be guided in their play by university science and music education students who will also work as co-teachers with the class teachers.  

In addition, the NCH extends its national reach delivering the series of in-person workshops to students in selected schools in the Gaeltacht regions this June, providing an ideal opportunity for children to access and benefit from the interplay that these in-person workshops provide.

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