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John Field Society

Close-up shot of a red carpet parallel to the ground

The prestigious John Field Society is made up of arts patrons who support the National Concert Hall by making an annual donation.

This generosity is hugely supportive of the work we deliver throughout the year, particularly in terms of our Learning and Participation projects. John Field Society members are celebrated on our screen displays and in print in all of our programmes throughout the year. If you would like to become a member of this important society please get in touch with Emmet McSwiney. 

NCH is a registered charity (RCN: 20011987) and can claim tax back on charitable donations of €250 or more by all tax payers, not just PAYE tax payers. With the tax back included, a donation of €250 would amount to €362; a donation of €500 would amount to €724; and a donation of €1,000 would amount to €1,449