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NSO and Jaime Martín: Buckley, Mozart and Tchaikovsky

NSO: Gabriella Montero plays Mozart


NSO: Gabriella Montero plays Mozart

Jaime Martín, conductor
Gabriela Montero, piano

Irene Buckley Stórr 
Mozart Piano Concerto No. 24
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6, ‘Pathétique

The corkscrew affairs of the heart find voice in music that startles and stirs the emotions.

Gabriela Montero, whose ‘talent borders on genius’(ConcertoNet), partners with Chief Conductor Jaime Martín for the greatest of all Mozart's Piano Concerto's the mighty No. 24.

Irene Buckley’s Stórr luminously overlaps fractured sounds drawn from Gaelic psalm singing to haunting, otherworldly effect.

Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique is a dark-hued masterpiece of remarkable emotional breadth, unbridled passion and an altogether baleful beauty.

Presented by NCH

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Friday 26 Jan 2024
Main Stage
€15, €24.50, €32, €38.50
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