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NMD24: Terrarium


NMD24: Terrarium

Crash Ensemble
Susan Doyle, flute
Leonie Bluett, clarinet
Roddy O’Keeffe, trombone
Barry O’Halpin, electric guitar
Alex Petcu, percussion
Eliza McCarthy, piano / keyboard
Larissa O’Grady, violin
Robin Panter, viola
Kate Ellis, cello
Malachy Robinson, double bass

Laura Sheeran, film / photography and movement direction
Lay of the Land, tapestry
Adrian Hart, audio producer

Ann Cleare TERRARIUM (2024) [world premiere]

Venture into a landscape of time at this awe-inspiring world premiere, as you journey with Crash Ensemble through historic Irish countryside to a vanished Mesolithic lake.

TERRARIUM was commissioned in 2020 during Ann Cleare’s time as composer in residence with Crash, and created in collaboration with site-responsive artists Lay of the Land and videographer and director Laura Sheeran. Immersive and multi-layered, this exploration of the evolving geological strata of Ireland’s boglands transports you to one of the earliest sites of human activity in the country’s history at Lough Boora, Offaly—peeling back layers of memory and myth embedded within its fascinating, post-industrial terrain.

TERRARIUM is a co-commission of Crash Ensemble, November Music and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.
Crash Ensemble is supported by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council.

Presented by New Music Dublin in partnership with NCH & RTÉ and supported by The Arts Council

Sold Out

Sunday 28 Apr 2024
The Studio

Concessions: €10

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