Learning & Participation


At the National Concert Hall, there are many ways to experience and learn about music. Our programmes are designed to foster and celebrate the appreciation, knowledge and love of music for all – from families exploring new creative pursuits, to young musicians starting their careers and seasoned professionals.


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Young People & Families

We believe that music is for everyone and have developed activities for children and families to foster creativity and allow all families to share in magical, musical moments.


Music Students & Musicians

Supporting and recognising emerging musical talent across all ages, genres and levels as well as professional musicians working in Ireland and internationally.


Schools & Teachers

Whether you’re a student or teacher of music, our programmes aim to enhance the experience of musical education and to develop musical activity where it is reduced.


Our Community

Promoting lifelong learning through engagement with people of all ages, and with all sectors of society, helping everyone to enjoy the remarkable benefits of musical interaction.


Health & Wellbeing

At the National Concert Hall, we understand the benefits of listening to, and taking part in music.


Bursaries & Awards

Our bursaries and awards recognise the hard work of talented musicians, celebrating those who have commenced their professional careers and supporting those at an earlier stage of the journey.


NCH Explore

We are eager to bring our engaging programming into your homes and we hope our musical offerings and activities can enrich your day, whether it’s taking time for yourself or as a family