Feel Alive

Take a moment, Listen... There's music everywhere...

In the summer of 2021 the NCH piloted a music for mental health activity pack titled “Music & MWe”, with the goal of inspiring and supporting mental health groups across Ireland to embrace music in their everyday lives as a tool for their own wellbeing.

We are delighted to now release “Feel Alive” - A Music & MWe Group Anthem, written and performed by Sadhbh O’Sullivan and inspired by the participants’ own thoughts and gratitude journals.

We hope this song brings some light to your winter blues!

Download the lyrics and chords to play along below

Chords in D
Chords in C (capo 2)

About the Song

To create “Feel Alive”, individuals from mental health associations across Ireland sent in thoughts and reflections from their gratitude journals, which were part of the “Music & MWe” activity pack. They shared stories of music or sounds in their everyday life for which they felt grateful; sounds that made them feel good, calm or happy.

Using their journal entries and engaging with the activity pack herself, singer-songwriter Sadhbh O’Sullivan wrote “Feel Alive” to be a group anthem, uniting participants across Ireland through song.

“Getting to write this song was such a joy. I loved reading through everyone's contributions and gathering some of the common themes that emerged for the lyrics - in particular the comfort people were drawing from the music of everyday life and nature. I wanted the song to be upbeat and uplifting, with a little moment for reflection in the middle 8, which takes its opening line from a poem submitted by a participant in Kildare. I also had a lot of fun drawing inspiration from the activity pack which focused on finding music in our homes and the world around us - body percussion, kazoos, a guiro made from a tin of beans, and some 'humming' backing vocals inspired by a hoover all feature on the recording!” - Sadhbh O’Sullivan

"Feel Alive" was commissioned as part of the NCH Music in Mind 2021 programme.



About Sadhbh

Sadhbh O'Sullivan (aka Sive) is a songwriter and community musician dubbed 'one of the most inspiring and exciting artists of our time' by Female First UK. She has released 3 collections of original work to critical acclaim and performed extensively across Ireland and beyond, sharing stages with the likes of Lisa Hannigan, Kila and Mick Flannery and winning a slot on RTÉ's Other Voices along the way. In March 2020 Sadhbh co-founded Embrace Music, a socially-driven entity dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities for people to engage with music in their daily lives. Her most recent work with Embrace has been in collaboration with the Irish Hospice Foundation: Murmurations - a song cycle giving voice to collective experiences of grief during the pandemic, and the Compassionate Culture Network - a series of workshops exploring loss through creativity. Sadhbh's new album will be released on Veta Music in spring 2022.
Twitter @sivemusic
Instagram @sive_music

Sadhbh O'Sullivan
Music & Mwe

About Music & MWe

“Music & MWe” is an activity pack developed as part of the NCH Music in Mind 2021 programme, designed to support individuals in mental health recovery at a time when gathering for workshops was not possible. Written and developed by the NCH in collaboration with mental health professional Patricia Bourke D’Souza, the pack uses the 5 Ways to Wellbeing to encourage individuals and groups to take a five week journey of listening, connecting, playing and reflecting through music and the sounds around them. This idea is captured in the pack title, bringing the "Me" and "We" together for "MWe".

“Music inspires, connects, unites and gives voice and expression to the many facets of our everyday lives. We are all different and experience music in our own unique way. The Music & MWe series invites us to embark on a journey of self and collective discovery, celebrating our uniqueness, collective connection and bringing into focus the potential power and impact of music and sound for our wellbeing.” - Patricia Bourke D’Souza

Interested in using “Music & MWe” activity packs in your own life or community groups?

We are currently adapting the pack for wider release. Please contact education@nch.ie for more information and to register your interest.