Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st,  Saturday 23rd
and Sunday 24th October 2021

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In the uncharted territories ahead: What do you want? What happens next? We’ve navigated through the global crisis, and now we find ourselves among inadequate social structures, claustrophobic ways of life, and burned out rhythms. We also find people asking questions about how to embrace uncertainty and the unknown, to sort out the trajectories of their lives without knowing where the world is going. The only map we have for this new territory is what we want. The only option is utopia.

Presented by Una Mullally and Conner Habib, in collaboration with the National Concert Hall and multiple artists across the island of Ireland and beyond. Utopia is a series of immersive experiences where Utopia is a process, not a state. Utopia links the force of artistic vision to the intensity of love and the willingness to be there for ourselves and one another, even when the future is unknown.

This series of idealistic, speculative, and aspirational events brings forth utopian visions of individuals, and ignites the utopian will of the collective. Join us to leave behind the predictable and structured, and to celebrate risk, uncertainty and spontaneity. Una Mullally is a writer from Dublin. She is interested in what happens next. Conner Habib is the host of the podcast Against Everyone With Conner Habib; his debut novel, Hawk Mountain, will be published by Doubleday in 2022.

Developed and programmed by Una Mullally and Conner Habib
Presented by NCH



Everyone United

Wednesday 20th October, 7.30pm

with Conner Habib, Andrea Horan and Una Mullaly 

A live podcast event, combining the insights of the countercultural podcast Against Everyone With Conner Habib and the nationwide history and culture show, Andrea and Una’s United Ireland. The evening will feature special guests, and a utopian surprise turn of events. Come with open minds and hearts.


Republic of Birds: John Moriarty's Visions of Ireland

Thursday 21st October, 7.30pm

Featuring speakers including Simone George, Mary McGillicuddy, Dónal Ó Céilleachair and Conner Habib.

Irish mystic and philosopher John Moriarty left us a rich and visionary body of work. Although his influence is profound, his work remains largely unknown since his death in 2007. While pundits and politicians and developers want to create a "new" Ireland, or on drag Ireland back into "old" tradition, John Moriarty wanted to make all ages of Ireland - mythic and present, wild and urban, spiritual and bodily - transparent to each other. Join us for the celebration of John Moriarty’s work. Featuring a special guests and a rare screening of Julius Ziz and Dónal Ó Céilleachair’s 2012 documentary about John, Dreamtime, Revisited.


The Chill Out Room as a Radical Space (Loving You)

Saturday 23rd October, 10am - 6.00pm

Presented by Kate Butler, Don Rosco, and No Place Like Drone, featuring new sonic work by commissioned artists.

After all that has gone before, this ambient sojourn will provide a communal space to imagine and project another future. DJs and music manipulators, No Place Like Drone, Don Rosco and Kate Butler, invoke the chill-out room of the rave era, offering nothing less than blissed out psychedelia, kosmiche, transcendentalism and mysticism, with specially commissioned music by Laura LAIR, Jonathan Deasy and Bambi.

This event is unticketed, but numbers may be limited at any one time during the day.

Utopia: Cypher

Saturday 23rd October, 8pm

Strange BoyRebel Phoenix, ​​​​​Celaviedmai
DJ ReplayDyramidAlicia Raye

MCs convene to create a freestyle cypher on stage. Unrehearsed, spontaneous, CYPHER will unleash an unfiltered transmission. Featuring beats from emerging producers across Ireland, and bars from extraordinary MCs cutting through the noise.



Utopia: Murmuration

SUnday 24th October, 8pm

Featuring David Le’aupepe, Gemma Doherty (Saint Sister), David Kitt, MayKay, Daoirí Farrell, Rory Friers (And So I Watch You From Afar), Izumi Kimura, Ben Castle.

A live musical performance emerging in the moment, as a group of musicians come together as a collective to find their way to and through songs and sounds as they are conjured live on stage. This one-off experimental process rooted in risk, trust, improvisation and potential, asks the artists and the audience to cross a threshold, and see what happens.

Led by Ben Castle the gathering will include Saint Sister’s Gemma Doherty, folk star Daoiri Farrell, the remarkable contemporary classical pianist Izumi Kimura, Rory Friers of rock experimentalists And So I Watch You From Afar and many more yet to be announced.