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2019 NCH/IMRO Trailblazer Award

A House is Dead – I Am Still The Greatest

Saturday 29th june 2019

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Join Dave Couse and Fergal Bunbury and friends for this special new performance of I Am The Greatest.

"A House is dead. Of this you can be sure. I heard it straight from the House's mouth. RIP. But "I Am The Greatest"? That statement was forever. Everything has changed but I am still the greatest, you are still the greatest, we have everything we need and we never look back. But let's just this once, for the sake of the nineties, late night ferries or whatever, re-engage, re-interpret and re-imagine the time of our lives. Let's immerse our feet in this beautiful pool and show the world how it feels to be FREE. That is all. Over and over and out.”

Dave Couse and Fergal Bunbury

A House: I Am The Greatest

“What happened to good music? You know, in the days when you could feel it?” Dave Couse, the lead singer and primary lyricist of A House, asks these questions in the title track of the band’s third album, which was released in 1991.

For a while, it seemed there would be no third record for A House. Their first pair – 1989’s On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round and 1990’s I Want Too Much, both released on a major label – stretched the band to almost breaking point. They rallied around, however, tenaciously snatching victory from the mouth of defeat, and created what many rightly regard as one of Irish rock music’s most deftly expressed and profound pieces of work.

Everything of importance can be discovered on I Am The Greatest: aside from spiraling melodies, glorious pop, and poker-faced rock, there is vulnerability, self-belief, self-doubt, joy, fun, turmoil, hope. As for those questions that Dave Couse asks – well, wouldn’t you know but the answers are right here.

- Tony Clayton-Lea

A House Is Dead is
Dave Couse Vocal/Guitar
Fergal Bunbury Guitar/Vocal
Johnny Boyle Drums
Neil Dorrington Bass
Scott Halliday Keyboards/Electronics



Dublin’s A House formed in 1985, with the trio of Dave Couse, Fergal Bunbury and Martin Healy representing the core of the band throughout their 12-year existence. Their first two singles, "Kick Me Again Jesus" and "Snowball Down" (both 1987) were released on the band’s independent label, RIP, but in the same year A House signed to UK-based Blanco-Y-Negro (a subsidiary of WEA Records). Two albums were released via the major label: their debut, On Our Big Fat Merry-Go-Round (1988) and I Want Too Much (1990).

Due to what was perceived as the lack of commercial success of the albums, A House were dropped. Soon after, however, the band (now augmented by extra members) signed to London-based and Irish-aligned independent label, Setanta. Two EPs were released on Setanta (1990’s Doodle, 1991’s Bingo), followed by a third album in 1991 – I Am The Greatest. Two more albums on Setanta were released: Wide Eyed And Ignorant (1994), and No More Apologies (1996).

In 1997, on February 28, A House played their final show at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre.