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rufus and martha Wainwright's a not so silent night

Monday 2nd &
Tuesday 3rd December 2019

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The Telegraph

A Not So Silent Night is the best family party ever.

Approximately 180 minutes with one interval.

Rufus and Martha Wainwrights’ A Not So Silent Night is a family Christmas show with a lot of special guests.

Rufus and Martha Wainwright have invited some of Ireland’s most loved and exciting artists to join them for their special festive celebration concerts.

Songwriter Paul Brady, Conor O’Brien of Villagers, folk singer Lisa O'Neill and Irish-Sierra Leonean singer, Loah come together with Rufus, Martha and family for this event. Musical Director for the evening will be Dan Gillespie Sells of The Feeling.

The shows are a Wainwright/McGarrigle family Christmas tradition that have their deepest roots with the sisters Kate, Anna, and Jane McGarrigle singing Christimas carols and songs with their father Frank and mother Gaby in Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts. They grew into almost annual concerts in New York, Montreal, Los Angeles, Nashville or London. For this special show, Rufus and Martha are joined by special guests for an evening of the holiday spirit.

When Kate was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, she began raising money and awareness for funding research into sarcoma as there were no drugs available to treat the cancer that she had. In December 2009 she performed her last concert, the family Christmas show at a sold out Royal Albert Hall in London. More than 5000 people attended this show that had a star-studded guest line up ranging from French and Saunders, to Guy Garvey, Boy George, Brian Eno, Linda Thompson, Peter Gabriel among family members Lucy Wainwright Roche, Sloan Wainwright, Anna and Jane McGarrigle and others. No one in the audience remained untouched by the heightened emotion of the evening.

For this occasion Kate had written a heartbreaking new song called “Proserpina” that tells the story of Hera bemoaning the loss of her daughter Proserpina who married Hades and lived with him for half of the year in the underworld only to return to her mother in the spring and summer bringing warmth and light. It mirrored Kate’s own situation knowing she was to leave this world soon but also her daughter Martha was bound to remain in London not being able to come home to her moth after the premature birth of her son Arcangelo.

Rufus and Martha continued the legacy of Kate and dedicated themselves to raising awareness and money for Sarcoma research with these shows. Shortly after she passed they launched the Kate McGarrigle Foundation for Sarcoma Research that has since turned into the Kate McGarrigle Fund with SU2C and EIF, two powerful American and Canadian not for profit organizations who are dedicated to helping Rufus and Martha grow the impact of their work fighting sarcoma and furthering also the artistic legacy of their mother Kate.

Rufus and Martha along with many who are working on this show are donating their services. The profits from these concerts will go towards the Kate McGarrigle Fund supporting sarcoma research and a music therapy program for cancer patients to be launched by Martha Wainwright in conjunction with Stand Up To Cancer Canada.
Special experiences are offered to help
raise additional funds for the
Kate McGarrigle Fund.
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Presented by NCH 

Choir Experience

Monday 2nd December 7.30pm
Tuesday 3rd December SOLD OUT

Join Rufus, Martha, the family and the special guests on the stage for “Proserpina”, the most iconic closing song of the evening. Kate wrote “Proserpina” in the weeks before her last appearance at the Christmas show at the Royal Albert Hall on December 9th, 2009. It talks about Proserpina, the daughter of Hera, and wife of Hades, the God of the Underworld. Proserpina spends half of her life with her husband in the underworld and the other half she returns to the natural world, bringing spring with her. Each year, Hera mourns the loss of her daughter to the underworld, a reflection of the tragic circumstances around the premature birth of Martha’s firstborn son in London that prevented her from travelling home to her dying mother. Choir members will receive music and video and instructions for the evening in advance, to prepare for what it is a wonderful one-day experience.

€75 per person
Exclusively available to 30 lucky bookers per show
Select the option to purchase this experience once you have chosen your seat for the show.

Runthrough Experience

Monday 2nd December, 2pm and 4pm.
Duration 2 hours approx. Times subject to change.

Join Rufus, Martha, the family and special guests for the soundcheck/runthrough on the day of the show. See how the magic of this show is being put together on the day of the first show on December 2nd at the National Concert Hall.  There is always a full runthrough on the day of the show that usually runs even longer than the show itself. We will welcome people at the beginning at 2pm and half way through the soundcheck at 4pm if you cannot attend the entire time. There will be a very quick group photo option at the end of the runthrough with Rufus and Martha as usually there is not much time between the rehearsal and the show and our stars need to get festive and ready for the show.

€200 per person
Exclusively available to 75 people
Select the option to purchase this experience once you have chosen your seat for the show.

Rehearsal Space and Runthrough Experience

Saturday 30th November
Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd December

Join Rufus, Martha and the family at one of the rehearsals in the days prior to the show in the rehearsal space. There is no more intimate way of experiencing the magic of the holidays and these shows than to be present at rehearsals. Be there for a three-hour session as songs are rehearsed, harmonies and back-up vocals tried out, band arrangements developed. Opportunity for pictures during one of the rehearsal breaks.
 This experience also includes the full runthrough on the day of the show.

Rehearsal: November 30 at 2pm and December 1 at 2pm. Duration 3 hours approx
Runthrough: December 2 at 2pm. Duration 2 hours approx
Times may be subject to change.

€500 per person
Exclusively available to 10 people
(two groups of 5 people)
Select the option to purchase this experience once you have chosen your seat for the show.

Aftershow Party Experience

Tuesday 3rd December 
Join Rufus, Martha, the family and special guests for the exclusive aftershow cocktail celebration. Get a chance to congratulate them personally after the show in a more relaxed environment than the stage door. Show that you are a true fan by supporting the causes of the Kate McGarrigle Fund of supporting sarcoma research and the new music therapy program for cancer patients developed and lead by Martha with SU2C Canada.

€200 per person
Exclusively available to 100 lucky fans
Select the option to purchase this experience once you have chosen your seat for the show.

All special experience tickets are organised and managed by the Kate McGarrigle Foundation