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Rediscovering Ina Boyle

friday 28th June 2019

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Colette Delahunt soprano
Catriona McElhinney Grimes piano

The elusive Ina Boyle is an Irish composer largely unfamiliar to today’s audiences and yet she was one of the most prolific and promising of the early 20th century. A protégé of Ralph Vaughan Williams, he championed her unique talent but sadly his predictions of huge recognition for her work was never fully realized . Come and rediscover the beauty of Ina Boyle’s compositions. A truly rare opportunity to hear a selection of her songs in a stunning programme which will also feature works by her contemporaries and friends, E J Moeran, CV Stanford and Vaughan Williams.The acclaimed duo of Colette Delahunt (soprano) and Catriona McElhinney Grimes (piano) look forward to reviving this wonderful but neglected music . 

Presented by Amici Music