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Quavers to Quadratics:  Music and science workshops


Why are musical instruments made from different materials? Why are they all different shapes and sizes? What does a sound wave look like? Can sound really break glass?

The National Concert Hall, University College Dublin, and Trinity College Dublin have announced that the innovative interdisciplinary Quavers to Quadratics programme is now available online. This innovative programme explores the intersection of the worlds of music and science through a series of hands-on workshops.
Quavers to Quadratics sees children (in 3rd - 6th classes) play with ideas that are common to music and science. Primary schools can now access a series of engaging online (Seesaw) workshops that are led, and designed, by university science and music education students.    

Presented by the National Concert Hall, University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin Schools of Education, and generously supported by Science Foundation Ireland.


Now in its sixth year of support from Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover Programme, Quavers to Quadratics offers children and their teachers across Ireland the opportunity to get involved through the online workshops.  

In their play, the children will explore both science and music, asking questions such as ‘how do musical instruments make sound?’ and ‘what’s the difference between music and noise?’.  

This unique online programme has been developed through a partnership between the NCH, UCD and Trinity College Dublin. The workshop tutors are university music education and science students who have been involved with Quavers to Quadratics for several years.


How does a school take part?

Complete this short form online to register your class for this online programme, register by October 22nd to be considered for the initial intake of classes.

Please note we will be offending this initially on a limited basis, and expanding the number of participating schools over the course of the year. Before starting the online programme at the end of October we will host a webinar with the participating classroom teachers, and our leadership team to introduce you to the online world of Quavers to Quadratics.  

Please do not hesitate to email us at if you have any queries about the programme. There is no charge for a school to participate in this online programme.



Experimentation and play inform each of the four online Quavers to Quadratic workshops. Hearing Sound introduces the good vibrations that carry sound to our ears. Seeing Sound allows children to visualise many forms of sound-waves using scientific equipment. They are encouraged to ‘give it a go’ in their classrooms with whatever musical instruments they have available. Feeling Sound, sees the children explore why different instruments are made the way they are and their resulting ‘musical personalities’. Finally, Creating Sound asks the children to design, make and play their own musical instruments.