Our Values


Our vision is to be a world-class centre for music and a symbol of national pride for Ireland. The ambition of our programme is to engage, surprise and inspire, as well as entertain. Above all, we aspire to share the magic and wonder of live performance and to be enriched by the cultures and ideas we value.

We are more than a venue. We are an international centre for musical performance and a leading voice in Ireland for the development of music and its appreciation. We are focused on scope rather than genre, nation rather than capital – proudly Irish and proudly of Ireland.

We are a body made up of people and ideas - individuals who share a belief in what the National Concert Hall is and what it can be.

NCH Values 


We espouse music as a profound form of human expression. We enrich people’s lives through music and the magic of live performance. 


We work as a team and strive to embody the ethos of inclusivity, diversity and equality. We encourage all ages, demographics and abilities to participate in the enjoyment and creation of music of all kinds. 

Ethical Standards 

We embrace high ethical standards in the conduct of our business and in our interactions with others. 


We cherish our customers and relationships with our artists, supporters and the wider community which we serve. In the public interest we strive to balance commercial imperatives with our statutory remit. 

Respect & Personal Responsibility 

We value our colleagues at NCH and we uphold the principles of respect, honesty, integrity, personal responsibility and positivity in everything we do. We take pride in the National Concert Hall, promoting it and safeguarding its interest.