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The National Concert Hall, based in the heart of Dublin City Centre, is Ireland's National Cultural Institution for music. Our vision is to be regarded worldwide as one of the great centres for music and a symbol of national pride for Irish people everywhere. Hosting over 1,000 events each year, we offer world class music and entertainment for all ages - enriching people's lives through music and the magic of live performance.

Our ambition is to continue to expand our initiatives and activities, working with key stakeholders using music as a force for positive change throughout Ireland. By 2025, we will have delivered our vision and become:

  • Ireland’s national centre for the creation and performance of music.
  • A leadership voice and advocate for music, everywhere.
  • A living space for the performance of all music for everyone.
  • An iconic Dublin venue with a national impact and international presence.
  • A place for nurturing the widest possible participation in music.

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