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Ned Rothenberg workshop

"The Challenge of World Music for the creative musician"

Friday 22nd November, 2019

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Join American multi-instrumentalist Ned Rothenberg for a workshop exploring the challenge of world music for the creative musician.

As Rothenberg states:

In today’s musical environment one can study classical forms or jazz (which is increasingly being treated as a classical form) in schools. Many designs are offered for courses of instruction. However, to respond to the myriad forms of music that are neither jazz nor classical in a creative way one must often chart his/her own course. 

How can the western composer/improviser address philosophical, technical and aesthetic issues that arise from the consideration of foreign traditions in a way that isn’t superficial or exploitative?

 Is it best to cast a wide net and consider as broad a range of music as possible? Or is it better to study a particular area in depth?

Drawing from his own exposure and study of music from around the world and his focused study of the honkyoku music of the Japanese shakuhachi, Rothenberg uses musical examples and demonstrations to offer a ‘middle path’- giving “guidance and alternatives to young musicians seeking to navigate these deep creative waters.

Participants will be sent a brief questionnaire in advance of the workshop, which Rothenberg will use to tailor the discussion to the participants’ interests and needs.  Please provide your email address at time of booking.  

Duration: 2-3 hours.  

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