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New Music Dublin 2018 : Defrosted

All Aboard Concorde

Saturday 22nd September 2018

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New Music Dublin 2018 : Defrosted

Garth Knox viola

Judith Ring ...within an egg of space... (2009)
Jane O’Leary Winter Sketchbook (2015)
Garth Knox Wild Animals (2011)
1. Celtic Bull
2. Sleeping Dog
3. Rogue Elephant

Deirdre McKay buttons, breath, bow (2013/rev. 2018)
Ed Bennett  Strange Twist (Commissioned by New Music Dublin)

Join Concorde, the first (and longest-lasting) contemporary music ensemble to be established in Ireland, for a lunchtime rendition of new music. Adventurous, inventive and always surprising, the performance will feature new works from five composers.
All Aboard Concorde offers a chance for listeners of all ages to experience and engage with new music up close in an intimate setting as a family. Explore new music together - and maybe even get to draw the music as it happens!

Presented by New Music Dublin with the support of NCH, RTÉ and The Arts Council