Music Workshops for Schools 



Patrick, 8, workshop participant.

Before today, I never realised music could make you see things in your head.

At our school workshops, students learn all about music in an informal and interactive setting.

The content of our workshops ties into many aspects of both primary and post-primary curricula, and we can cater to the requirements of your school to provide a memorable, creative and social experience for your students. Our workshop coordinators can work with you to develop a programme that suits your students, and you can choose from a variety of options, including to host at either your school or here at the NCH.


Discover the world of rhythm with a group percussion workshop. Our skilled facilitators will help your students explore the drumming traditions of West Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean. No previous experience is required, and we can supply all of the instruments.

Group singing is one of the easiest entries to music participation, and our facilitators are experts at getting everyone involved in a fun and informative atmosphere.


Designed for those with an interest in writing and recording their own songs, this workshop guides participants through the creative process, culminating in a recording of their own newly crafted piece. Participants collaborate in the writing process, guided by experienced facilitators, and perform for each other throughout, and at the end of the workshop.

Gamelan Introduction
Experience the magical sound of the Javanese Gamelan. This unique set of tuned percussion instruments was gifted to the National Concert Hall by the Sultan of Yogyakarta, and offers a great opportunity to play music in an ensemble, with little or no previous experience. Due to the size and number of instruments, this workshop is only available at the National Concert Hall and workshops are limited to 20 participants.