Learning & Participation

Music Time with Helen Blackmore





Tasty Things



Songs for teeny people


Sailing Songs


Rainy Day



Join Helen as she sings some songs about autumn!



Helen Blackmore has some special Hallowe'en songs for you today!


Animal Friends

Credits: “My Little Dog" by Lucinda Geoghegan 
Songs and Rhymes for Early Years 2, published by NYCOS


Butterflies & Bees

Early years teacher & TU Dublin Conservatoire tutor Helen Blackmore has some songs & stories for you! 

Today's theme is Butterflies & Bees!

Sea Songs

Next up Helen sings songs about the Sea.

Clap your hands and ride the waves with The Boatman! Then become a boat and row, row, row with Bonnie Bobby Shafto. 



The sun is up, but the bunnies are still asleep! Help Helen wake the bunnies before joining them on hoppy musical adventures. 



High and Low

High and Low, Small and Tall...our bodies can make so many shapes! Stretch and grow like a jack-in-the-box...but watch out for that itsy bitsy flea on your knee!


Fingers & Hands

Click, clap, wiggle! From numbers to tickles and so much more, our hands can do so much. Join Helen for some fun songs that get those phalanges flapping! 

Teddy Bear Tunes

Helen has lots of fuzzy wuzzy company for today's Music Time! Can you grab your teddy and join them for some songs? Be ready to ROAR like a grizzly! 


Shake, rattle, and roll with Helen as we explore lots of different sounds. We recommend you grab a pair of sticks or pencils, and find something that makes a shakey noise, to play along with her! 


Giddy-up! Explore tempo as Helen and her pony gallop and trot through song. You may need a healthy snack of carrots when these energetic tunes are through!  

Going to the Park

Don't you love a sunny day at the park? Rain or shine, you can imagine yourself at a picnic! Learn some new summery songs, and meet three baby birds in their nest. Can you sing like a birdie, or sprout like a flower?

Cats and Mice

The worst of enemies or best of friends? There's always mischief where cats and mice are found! Explore lots of rhythm and rhyme in these new songs and chants.