James Vincent McMorrow - Songs from a Future

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th April, 2023

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James Vincent McMorrow performs his new album - before he’s recorded it.  

For these special evenings, James will open the show with a solo performance of songs from across his six albums and then perform his new album with his band for the first time.  

“I have a new album. I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with this album, what it is, what it sounds like and what it could mean. Right now it only exists in my head, the arrangements, the words, the melodies. I was going to go and record it, but then I realised I was starting to think about it the way I've thought about the last couple albums, like this preordained process. And beauty can come from that, but honestly the idea of going and doing it again feels boring to me now.  

I'm doing this one differently. Before I go and make the album, I’m going to play it live. I want to hear it played in a room filled with people, i want to see and feel an audience experience this new thing along with me in real time. Giving the songs oxygen in a room will make me realise things about them that I wouldn’t realise otherwise.  That’s exciting and terrifying to me in a way I’ve not felt in a long time.  

So, in April at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, myself and an incredible group of musicians will hit the stage and play this new album. I’ll open the show myself with a solo performance of songs spanning my first 6 albums. The audience will be asked to place their phones in locked pouches for the duration of the night. That way what happens in the room will stay among the people in the room, which is an increasingly rare thing lately.  

I hope you’re into this idea. I’m going all in on this one, rehearsing the band day and night for a week leading up to the show, building stage productions that you’ll be able to see from space. It sounds hyperbolic, but this feels like the most important show I’ve ever played” 
 James Vincent McMorrow  
James Vincent McMorrow is a billion streaming, platinum selling singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland.

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