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Gamelan Ensembles


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This fascinating instrument from Indonesia consists of a variety of gongs, bells, xylophone-type sections, and produces a wonderfully magical sound.

In 2014, we were privileged to receive the wonderful gift of a full Gamelan from the Sultan of Yogyakarta. Gamelans of such distinguished and auspicious origins usually receive a blessing and name when they leave their maker’s workshop.

Our Gamelan has been named Kyai Jati Roso. Kyai is an honorific bestowed upon important or sacred artefacts, and Jati Roso translates as ‘pure consciousness’.

The Gamelan is a terrific instrument for both learning and performing, and a rewarding musical and social activity. There is no requirement of previous musical experience for our Level 1 group.

Ensemble levels explained
Level 1 – You have little or no experience in the relevant area, or it is some time since you have participated.  You may have some experience in other musical areas, but this is not a requirement to join a level 1 ensemble.

Level 2 – You have already completed, or moved up from a similar level 1 gamelan ensemble, or you have some experience in the relevant area.  You will be invited to join this level by the tutor.

Course fee: €65 per term

2020/2021 Dates:
Following the most recent advice from Government, Monday 19th October 2020, the National Concert Hall will remain closed to the public. This is in line with country-wide Level 5 restrictions. Please check this page periodically for updates on Gamelan Ensembles.