Awaken your Power Within

Sunday 27th February, 2022

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From their best-selling book, to their powerful global community, Soul Space, founded by Gerry and Miriam Hussey, deliver a powerful and integrated approach to human health, wellness and performance. They work and partner with global minds and organisations to create lasting change and transformation. With over 20 years applied experience in the field of Psychology, Pharmacy, Philosophy and Human Wellbeing, Soul Space bring a level of expertise, skill and understanding that is truly transformative, insightful and authentic.

This empowering event will be an awakening day of inner exploration, a synergy where cutting-edge science meets age old spiritual truths. This event will focus on raising consciousness, awakening inner potential and inspiring greater mental health and performance in an integrative way by focusing on Mind, Body and Soul.

In this event Gerry will share his greatest insights and lessons from his ground breaking and bestselling book, Awaken Your Power Within, around how we can let go of inner fear and embrace new thinking and behavioural habits that will allow you to live of life of greater ease, self-confidence, health and happiness.

This day will be a soul nourishing event that will ignite, nurture and inspire. A space where love, passion and peace can be ignited and fear can be dissolved.

A day where time stands still, dreams reawaken and hope is restored.

This full day experience will be a synergy of meditations, talks, workshops and music that will allow you to experience yourself and your potential in a whole new way.

A day of transformation, exploration and connection. A space to pause, to breathe, to release and to re awaken.

A day like no other.

Presented by Soul Space – Gerry and Miriam Hussey