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Song for '16 All Island Song Competition

Song for '16 Competition

Song for ‘16 was a all-island schools song competition and a partnership initiative between the National Concert Hall, Disney Music Group and the Department of Education and Skills for the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme.

We invited students to write and perform a song celebrating the modern, multi-cultural Ireland of 2016. The song was to explore themes such as equality of opportunity, liberty, and the equal cherishing of all of the island’s children; themes that are as relevant today as when spoken of in 1916. Ireland is now very much an island of nations, and its citizens and children have their origins in a multitude of countries, cultures, religions and traditions – indeed, Ireland represents for many of its new people a land of opportunity and possibility, just as America has done for the Irish themselves.  Song for ’16 celebrates the cultural and musical diversity of modern Ireland, through themes as relevant today as they were in 1916.

A concert presenting the shortlisted finalists took place on Sunday 15th May 2016 at the National Concert Hall where students from all over Ireland performed their shortlisted entry. The overall winner of the competition was 11 year old David Adderley from Scoil Mochua, Celbridge, Co Kildare. His song 'Ireland is our Home' performed by David and his friend Ammani Bengo has now been published and released today through Hollywood Records (part of Disney Music Group) providing a major opportunity for this young Irish songwriter.

You can watch the music video for Ireland is our Home below

Download the single Ireland is our Home here