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Imagining Home

Monday 28th March - Sunday 3rd April

Inspired by themes from the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic, IMAGINING HOME is a series of seven concerts that speaks of Ireland’s cultural journey over the last 100 years, its place in the world today and looks to our shared future.

IMAGINING HOME gathers some of Ireland’s leading musicians, writers, thinkers and acclaimed international artists to celebrate Ireland’s cultural life.

We look forward to announcing more artists, musicians and contributors over the coming months.


America Celebrating the long musical conversation across the Atlantic, America is a gathering of Irish and American musicians performing songs from this rich musical dialogue.


England A conversation between neighbours in song hosted by writer and broadcaster John Kelly, England celebrates the musical interplay between Ireland and England.
****New Artists Just Added****

Into Europe

Into Europe Inspired by the European identity of the Irish republican tradition, Into Europe explores Ireland’s place in European culture. Samuel Beckett, John Field & Roger Casement spark an evocative evening of word, performance & music.

On Revolution

On Revolution An evening of word and music exploring revolutionary ideals and their impact with an international gathering of writers and commentators from Ireland, Egypt, Libya, India and Europe.

The Literary Imagination

The Literary Imagination A celebration of the country’s literary heritage, its present and its future, with some of Ireland’s greatest living writers and poets.

This is Ireland

This Is Ireland Glen Hansard gathers friends and collaborators to celebrate Ireland in 2016. 

Out of the Tradition

Out of the Tradition A journey through Irish traditional music from its roots to the thriving traditional scene of today alongside an exploration of the great works of the Irish language & its place in Ireland.
****New Artists Just Added****

Imagining Ireland: London

Imagining Ireland This special concert is a celebration of Ireland’s musical journey over the last 100 years and the rich musical interplay between Ireland and Britain.  

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