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Events for Children & Families

 Children and Families

Our activities for children and families are based on principles of fostering the natural creativity of the child, and of promoting music’s potential to enhance family cohesion. We view children as co-creators of the education process, and develop our initiatives to be child centred, and wherever possible, child led.

In developing initiatives for families, we encourage engagement with the NCH, and with music in general, as a shared experience, and so most of our activities in this area include both parents and children as active participants.

Mini Music

Action-packed weekly music workshop experience for babies and young children aged 3 months to 8 years old.

Family Workshop Days

We welcome any combination of families and friends to take part in our fascinating interactive music workshops.

Family Concerts

Designed to entertain, excite and educate, we present a wide range of fun and accessible concerts for the whole family to enjoy throughout the year.


Rockjam is a jam-packed music camp for young musicians.


Workshop for young people who want to write, record and perform songs, and above all: have fun!


AfriKaa! is a multi-sensory installation and experimental concert by Slavek Kwi. Designed for and dedicated to children with autism.
ECO Calendar of Events May to September 2017